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The Historical Association of Tanzania invites papers from individuals to be presented in the annual conference under the theme Reflections on Post-Colonial History of Tanzania. This conference will contribute to a better understanding of the historical experience of Tanzania since independence in 1961 and underscore the role and place of Tanzania in relation to the regional and global dynamics. The period from the 1960s to the present is one of the most crucial phases of Tanzanian History.

During this period, the nation has experienced enormous transformation in all dimensions of its existence—locally, regionally, and globally. Some of these changes have registered hope, determination, and success in the making of the nation but others have generated anxiety, frustration, and failure in the same process of nation building. The proposed conference will provide a forum for scholarly engagement among the leading and younger scholars, researchers, postgraduate students, and other participants interested in the post-colonial History of Tanzania. Scholars from within Tanzania and colleagues from outside are welcome to participate in this conference. Papers that locate the post-colonial History of Tanzania in the regional and global milieu are highly encouraged.

Themes of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:


  1. Theory, Historiography, and Practice in Tanzanian Post-Colonial History
  2. Environments, Resources, and Livelihoods
  3. Health, Disease, and Healing
  4. Economic Development: Promises, Successes and Challenges
  5. Political Development: Promises, Successes, and Challenges
  6. Archives and Records Management
  7. Diplomatic, Military, and International Relations History
  8. Ethnic and Religious Identities
  9. Food security and sovereignty
  10. Science, Technology, and Infrastructure Development
  11. History, Cultural Heritage, and Tourism
  12. Biographies in Post-Colonial History
  13. Regional Cooperation and Integrations
  14. The Indian Ocean Geo-political relations
  15. Tanzania and Strategic Neighborhoods
  16. Migration and Diaspora
  17. Education in Tanzania
  18. Ethics and Rule of Law
  19. Other Related Themes


Papers presented at the conference will be peer-reviewed and those with high quality will be included in an edited book. Other papers will find inroad into Tanzania Zamani: Journal of the Historical Association of Tanzania. Interested person(s) should send a 250-word abstract and the deadline for submission of abstracts is 30st August 2016. You will be notified of the abstract review results by 15th September 2016. If a particular submission is accepted for the conference, a full draft of the paper should be submitted by 10 th of November 2016. Abstracts should be submitted with the following information and in this order: (a) author(s), (b) affiliation, (c) email address, (d) phone numbers, (e) title of the paper or presentation, (f) abstract with a maximum 250 words, and (g) up to 5 keywords:

Contact information:

The abstract and other inquiries on the conference should be directed to the Organizing Committee at: (or Mobile number 0766553001 or 0755032309)

Participation Fee: Tanzanian shillings 100,000/=, which is equivalent to 50 USD or 50 Euro. This fee will cover breakfast, lunch, stationery, printing, photocopying, and conference room for the two days.

The payment should be made at the Department of History’s bank account whose details are as follows:

Bank: National Bank of Commerce (NBC),

Account Name: UDSM History Department

Account Number: 040201094358

Swift Code: NLCBTZTX Branch Code: 671540.

Use of Fund: Historical Association of Tanzania 2016.

Participants in Tanzania can also pay through M-PESA to YUSTINA KOMBA, whose number is 0756713715.

The deadline for paying your participation fee is 10th November 2016.

Please note that The Historical Association of Tanzania is not in a position to pay for participants’ conference travel and accommodation. However, the organizing committee will be happy to assist in booking reasonably priced accommodation for you.

Members of Organizing Committee:

  1. Dr. Oswald Masebo, Chairman of the Organizing Committee and Head of the Department of History, University of Dar es Salaam,
  2. Fr. Dr. Xaver Kazimoto Komba, Secretary of the Organizing Committee, Research Associate on Historical/Cultural Village, P.O.BOX 274 Kilimahewa Parish, Dar es salaam
  3. Prof. Yusufu Lawi, University of Dar es Salaam,
  4. Prof. Frederick Kaijage, University of Dar es Salaam,
  5. Yustina Komba, University of Dar es Salaam,
  6. Dr. Shakila Mteti, Mkwawa University College of Education,
  7. Sara Seme, State University of Zanzibar,
  8. Lt. Col. George Mwashiga, Kizuka Secondary School (TPDF),
  9. Aurelia C. Kimaro, Mtwara Girls Secondary,

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