50th Anniversary of the College of Natural and Applied Science (CoNAS) - Conference

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The College of Natural and Applied Sciences (CoNAS), formerly Faculty of Science, is organizinga conference to celebrate its 50 years anniversary.The conference participants are expected to be, but not restricted to, CoNAS alumni, multilateral agencies representativeof several international and national agencies. The conference will comprise of series of paper and poster presentations.


• Celebrate the Achievements and the 50th Anniversary of the CoNAS through Paper and Poster presentations ofresearch findings in Tanzania, in the region and beyond.

• Stimulation of collaboration in science research and training.

• Form a forum for interaction among scientists in Tanzania for research experience.

• Introduce young scientists from Tanzania to some fundamental techniques and recent developments in thesefields, thus forming research collaborations.

SCOPE: Relevant topics include but are not restricted to the following research subthemes:

• Biodiversity, natural resources and products,

• Environment and climate change,

• Renewable energy,

• Food security and health,

• Material science,

• Geology and earth resources,

The abstracts are expected to come from participants who have or had attachment with CoNAS or Faculty of Science.However, the conference participation is open for all.SUBMISSION OF ABSTRACT: Send the abstract in MS Word format via e-mail to principal@science.udsm.ac.tzand copy to adulajalucy@yahoo.com.


• Submission of abstract by 15th FEBRUARY, 2016

• Abstract acceptance notification by 28th FEBRUARY, 2016 and

• Submission of full paper by 20th MARCH, 2016.CONFERENCE VENUE: The conference will be held at NKURUMA HALL, UDSM which is found in Dar esSalaam city, Tanzania.


Accepted papers will be published in a special issue of Tanzania Journal ofScience (www.tjs.udsm.ac.tz).College of Natural and Applied SciencesUniversity of Dar es Salaam50th Anniversary of the College of Natural and Applied Science (CoNAS) - ConferenceMarch 30th - April 1st 2016Nkurumah Hall - UDSM, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


“Science for Sustainable National Development”LANGUAGE: English will be the official language of the conference.

TRAVEL: Dar es Salaam City is served by Julius Kambarage Nyerere International Airport (JNIA). University of Dares Salaam is approximately 16 km from JNIA. Local organizing committee will arrange transport for foreignparticipants. Provide Local Organizing Committee with the travel plans as soon as they are finalized.ACCOMMODATION: There is a variety of choice for accommodation in Dar es Salaam. The local organizingcommittee has selected hotels that conference participants will stay. The hotels names will be sent to you as soon as youneed it. A participant has a right to choose her/his own preferred accommodation. Hotel charges for accommodationrange $ 50 to $ 300. All costs will be met by participants.

REGISTRATION: There is no official application form to be filled. However, the applications for participationshould be sent, by email, to the email address principal@science.udsm.ac.tz. No registration fee for UDSM staffs andstudents. The registration fees are as follows:

• 100,000= TZS for a Tanzanian.

• US $ 100 for a foreign participant.Payment of the registration fee will be upon arrival.


Visa may be required for international visitors. Please check with therespective local Embassy for details. If you require visa to enter Tanzania, write to adulajalucy@yahoo.com for aninvitation letter.

CURRENCY: Local currency is the Tanzania shilling at the foreign exchange rate of US$ 1 = 2000 TZS, which canbe obtained from Banks and Forex bureaus in Dar es Salaam.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT: No financial support is available. Every effort should be made by participants to secure fulltravel and living expenses support for the conference.


Local Organizing Committee

Email address: adulajalucy@yahoo.com.

Mobile: + 255 754 372 552 (Chairperson LOC, Dr. Lucy Namkinga)


• Dr. Lucy Namkinga, Chairperson (Email: adulajalucy@yahoo.com)

• Dr. Heriel Moshi, Secretary (Email: heriel2002@yahoo.com)

• Dr. Joan Munissi (Email: joan.munissi@udsm.ac.tz)

• Dr. Flora Stephan (Email: nyaki76@yahoo.com)

• Dr. Isambi Sailon (Email: mbawalata@yahoo.com )

• Prof. Francis S. Magingo (Email: magingo@amu.udsm.ac.tz

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