The Third Voice of Social Sciences (VSS) International Conference

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The college of Social Sciences of the University of Dar es Salaam would like to inform major stakeholders of the university and the general public that the third Voice of Social Sciences (VSS) International Conference will take place from 24th to 25th November, 2016 at UDSM Nkrumah Hall. This year’s conference theme: ‘Industrialization and Social Transformation’ addresses the puzzle that about five decades of independence and implementation of industrialization strategies, the industrial base in many  African countries has relatively remained weak and in some cases non-existing. While previous industrialized countries are no longer centres of manufacturing, the emergence of China, Korea and other South East Asian countries leading in the manufacturing sector raises a number of questions, such as, whether other developing countries should follow the same path; or how industrialization has/is/will and should be for a positive social transformation.


This year, about 30 papers will be presented and deliberated in panels and plenary sessions by social scientists from within and outside Africa. The conference participants will deliberate on diverse aspects of the industrialization question and how they shape or/and are shaped by the processes of social transformation. In particular, the conference reflects on the prospects and challenges for industrialization in Africa. At the end of the two days, the conference will draw resolutions grounded in multidisciplinary perspectives and critical analysis to inform the future of Industrialization and social transformation in Africa. The key themes include: Growth and Industrialization; Education; Innovation and Technology; Social inequality, natural resource management and environmental issues, policy trends and dilemmas; and leadership. Whereas the Guest of Honor for the conference is Prof. Adolf Mkenda, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment, The Danish Ambassador to Tanzania has been invited as a special guest.


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