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Many developing countries embarked on industrialization strategies immediately after independence. However, five decades down the development trail, the industrial base in these countries has relatively remained weak and in some cases non-existing. As a result, these countries continue to export raw materials with low value addition; to import manufactured goods from outside at high costs; to experience low employment; low income; and no linkages to; and/or the decline in the agricultural sector which employs most of the population of these countries. To date, however, there is a turn to industrialization outlined in many of the development visions of these countries. While previous industrialized countries are no longer centres of manufacturing, the emergence of China, Korea and other South East Asian countries leading in  the manufacturing sector raises a number of questions, such as, whether other developing countries should follow the same path; or how industrialization has/is/will and should be for a positive social transformation.

It is against this background that the Third Voice of Social Sciences aims at bringing different scholars together to explore whether/how existing and perceived policies, forms/types/scale/structures of industries can facilitate achieving positive social transformation. Therefore, the College of Social Sciences, University of Dar es Salaam invites scholars from different parts of the world to participate in the Conference and present papers on any of the themes outlined below or any other related theme:

1. Economic dimensions of industrialization and social transformation

2. Political dimensions for industrialization and social transformation

3. Sociological and cultural dimensions of  industrialization and social transformation

4. Education for industrialization and social transformation

5. Research for industrialization and social transformation

6. Technological innovations and social transformation

7. Information technologies and social transformation

8. Agricultural industries and social transformation

9. Natural resources for industrialization and social transformation

10. Socio-economic challenges for industrialization

11. Policy frameworks for industrialization and social transformation

12. Gender aspects of industrialization and social transformation


Good quality papers will be considered for publication in an edited volume and/or in our College Journals listed below:-

1. The African Review: a Journal of African Politics, Development and International Affairs.

2.  Tanzanian Journal of Population Studies and Development

3. Tanzanian Economic Review

4. Journal of the Geographical Association of Tanzania

5. Tanzania Journal of Sociology


Deadlines, Instructions on Abstracts/Papers and the Conference Fees

Deadline for submission of abstracts is 30 June, 2016,

Notification of acceptance of abstracts is 15  July 2016,

Abstracts must not exceed 250 words, indicating name(s) of the author(s), affiliation, and email addresses.

All abstracts should be sent to, copied to Dr. Opportuna Kweka at and to Mr. Wilfred Kahumuza at

Full papers for the Conference are due on 30  October, 2016. The length of papers should range between 5,000 and 8,000 words, Times New Roman, double spaced, 12 point font and 1 inch margins.

The Conference fee is 100,000 T.Shs. (US $ 50) for faculty members, researchers and other participants from inside and outside the University of Dar es Salaam and 50,000 T.Shs. (US $ 25) for students. Fee will cover costs for conference venue, materials and stationery, lunch and refreshments. Payment should be done through (Bank: CRDB, Branch UDSM, Account no: th 0150396189800; Swift Code: CORUTZTZ). Deadline for paying the fee is 30  September 2016.

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